Fun and Useful Ways to Use Story Squad

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Fun and Useful Ways to Use Story Squad

We didn’t create the world’s most fun AI to tell you how to use it, but since you’re asking, here are some fun ways to use Story Squad! It’s the perfect AI tool for creatives, story-lovers, teachers, parents, poets, musicians–really just anyone down for some fun. 

Have an idea to add to the list? Collaboration is the name of the game at Story Squad! Shoot us your idea or leave us a testimonial about your favorite way to use Story Squad.  

  1. Melt writer’s block and bring your stories to life–short, epic, and in-between. 

Even when you can’t stop thinking of new ideas, it isn’t always easy to start writing them into a story. That’s where the AI that powers Story Squad comes in. Give it as much information as you have about what you’ve been dreaming up, and it writes the story for you within seconds. It’s not literally magic, but it’s the closest we’ve ever seen. Bippity, boppity, story. 

  1. Show your friends and family some love by making them the star. 

Whether you want to put them into a fantasy world or memorialize the most fun night you’ve ever had together, no one doesn’t like being the star of a story–especially one written by their loved one. Tip: try not to make it too embarrassing, but we aren’t here to be your boss. 

  1. Spark inspiration and foster collaboration in your classroom.

Whether you want to introduce your class to the concept of limericks (we highly recommend it) or help build community through collaboration, Story Squad has you covered. With what happens next, Squad members can write the next chapter of a story written by another member. Sounds like an epic end-of-year story-writing experience for a class, doesn’t it? 

  1. Kick off your music career. 

We can’t promise that you’ll be headlining a sold-out tour anytime soon, but our AI can help you write lyrics for that song you’ve been writing in your head! The music is on you, though. We don’t play any instruments. 

  1. Wow, your kids at bedtime with their own adventures!

What kid doesn’t want to hear a bedtime story written about them? Show your daughter what her life will be like when she’s an astronaut exploring space, or your son how much fun he had riding dragons through clouds. You could tell them beautiful stories about how much they are loved or highlight the best parts of a recent trip to Disney World. The sky’s the limit here! 

  1. Become a poet before you even know it.

Before you scroll past this one, we’re not only talking about lovey-dovey poetry. Sure, our AI can help you profess your love, but it can just as easily write a poem that’s funny, scary or dare we say just plain weird. Whether you want to channel your inner Shel Silverstein or find your Shakespearean side, it’s easy with Story Squad.  

  1. Read stories from the Squad, get inspired, or take the wheel for the next chapter. 

We get that you don’t always have a fresh idea ready. When you join the Story Squad community, you can browse the latest stories written by other Squad members. It can be just for fun, to find inspiration, or–and this is where it gets really fun–you can take the wheel and write the next chapter of their story with what happens next

No matter how you use Story Squad, you’re bound to have fun with our innovative AI. We can’t wait to read your next stroke of brilliance.

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Create an account for free to join our growing community of creatives and never lose what you create with our game-changing AI

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