Bichon on Board: From Dog Park to Skate Park


Ozzy was not your typical Bichon Frise. Sure, he was fluffy, white, and had a tail that curled over his back, but he had a spirit that was anything but typical. He was sweet-natured, patient, and gentle, but he also had a wild side. He loved to skateboard.

Now, you might be thinking, “A skateboarding dog? That’s ridiculous!” But Ozzy was no ordinary dog. He was a dog with a dream. A dream to join the local skateboarding crew, the “Board Busters.”

The Board Busters were a group of kids who spent their afternoons at the local skate park, practicing tricks and flips. Ozzy would watch them from the sidelines, his tail wagging with excitement. He longed to be part of their crew, to feel the wind in his fur as he zoomed down the ramps.

One day, Ozzy decided to take matters into his own paws. He found an old skateboard in the garage and, with a little help from his human, learned how to balance on it. It wasn’t easy, and he fell off more times than he could count, but he was determined. He practiced every day, slowly getting better and better.

Eventually, Ozzy felt ready to show the Board Busters what he could do. He trotted over to the skate park, skateboard under his paw, and waited for his chance to impress them.

The Board Busters were in the middle of a heated competition, each trying to outdo the other with their tricks. Ozzy watched, his heart pounding with anticipation. Finally, when there was a lull in the action, he made his move.

With a running start, Ozzy hopped onto his skateboard and started to roll. The Board Busters watched in surprise as the fluffy white dog zoomed past them, his tail wagging with excitement. He went up a ramp, did a flip in the air, and landed perfectly on the other side. The park fell silent.

Then, one by one, the Board Busters started to clap. They cheered for Ozzy, their surprise turning into admiration. They had never seen a dog skateboard before, let alone do a flip. Ozzy had proven that he was not just a fluffy white dog, but a true skateboarder.

From that day forward, Ozzy was an honorary member of the Board Busters. He spent his afternoons at the skate park, practicing tricks and flips with his new friends. He was no longer just a spectator, but a part of the action.

But Ozzy’s story doesn’t end there. One day, a talent scout from a dog food commercial saw Ozzy at the skate park and was impressed by his skills. He offered Ozzy a starring role in their next commercial, and Ozzy, being the sweet-natured, patient, and gentle dog that he was, agreed.

So, if you ever see a commercial with a skateboarding Bichon Frise, know that it’s Ozzy, the dog with a dream. And remember, no matter how fluffy, white, or small you are, you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it. Even if it’s joining a skateboarding crew.


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