Biscuits and Bandits


In a suburb not too far, not quite near,
The dogs were plotting, planning clear,
A biscuit heist, a caper grand,
Led by Chomper, a Lab, so bland.

Now Chomper was quite ordinary,
His fetch game, on the contrary,
But under that calm, deceiving guise,
Was a biscuit bandit sharp and wise.

An accomplice fair, so swift and sleek,
A Beagle known by name of Meek,
Could scour yards without a rouse,
Just like a well-trained stealthy house-mouse.

And not to forget, Master Paws,
A jack of all, with zero flaws,
An old Saint Bernard, wise and mature,
The intelligence of their pure venture.

Their target? Mrs. Murphy’s home,
A house of treats, a biscuit dome.
In jars like towers, biscuits lay,
Calling out, come, dogs, play!

While right next door, the tales unwind,
Doggy Tales, an intellect, kind.
Her keen sense for doggy mirth,
Would perhaps unveil the biscuit’s dearth.

On the day the plot was set,
Our little gang, no fears met,
The backdoor left a gap, just slight,
An opportunity in broad daylight!

Just a sniff and twitch of ears,
Our biscuit bandits, no trace of fears,
Crept like shadows, swift and sly,
Into the biscuit towers high.

But oh! Alas, a mishap slight,
Chomper’s tail knocked the light,
A clatter echoed, loud and shaky,
Enough to wake our neighbor, lady.

Doggy Tales, mid-novella, sat,
Pricked her ears at the strange spat,
“What’s this? A ruckus, clatter, fall?
A mystery beckons, I must heed the call!”

Tales rushed to the window, sharp sight peering,
At Mrs. Murphy’s house, nothing fearing.
What she saw gave her a start,
Three dogs on the run, making art.

With biscuits flying, dogs in tow,
Doggy Tales knew where she must go.
She shrugged her shoulders with a chuckle,
“Ah, for adventures that make knees buckle!”

So gather ’round, gather tight,
For the cookie caper’s not quite right.
Who will win this brave doggy bout?
Ah, turn the page, let’s find it out!

Grab your biscuits, guard them well,
For the story’s only begun to dwell.
Pizza thieves or chicken van heists,
Doggy Tales adds them all to her lists.

With her keen eye, sharp and true,
She’ll untangle mischief, esapecially from crew.
From Bandit Dogs to Biscuit Thieves,
Doggy Tales truly never grieves.

So, whether dogs or cats your delight,
Join Doggy Tales through day and night,
In rollicking tales of pets and plots,
And recapture your youthful thoughts.


What happens next?

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