Boston Backseat Diaries


It was a brisk Tuesday morning when I, Joseph McNamara, Boston’s most amused Uber driver, found myself outside a quaint residence on Beacon Street. On my arrival, the front door creaked open, and there appeared a lady so aged she seemed to breathe time itself. A pair of spectacles sat delicately on her nose, and her hair, a mass of steel curls, belied a turbulent past. At her side, as though tied to her very soul, a corpulent tabby cat lounged, a leash strapping it to her frail wrist.

“Ah, Mister Uber! I’ve been expecting you,” she cackled, her voice a low, raspy tremor of excitement. By the lines crisscrossing her face like well-worn roads on a map, she bore witness to countless tales.

“Good morning, ma’am,” I greeted, fascinated. “Where to today?”

“Why, anywhere my dear Boston has kept her secrets. Mind, Joey?” she purred, her smile wickedly childlike.

Intrigued, I set off on my chariot-of-industry, traversing the labyrinthine streets of Boston while this creature of history graced my backseat, regaling me with tales of her life and the city. Her feline friend, whom she endearingly named Brutus, appeared to be equally invested, mesmerizingly watching the passing scenery from atop his perch on the lady’s lap.

She told of the ghosts haunting the Old North Church, where flickering lantern lights dance at midnight, a reprise of Revere’s historic ride. She quipped about how George Washington had more wooden teeth than genuine ones. And then blushingly, she mentioned having had five husbands in her lifetime—rather progressive even by today’s standards!

Deep into our journey, the lady instructed me to park near Quincy Market. She maintained that there were two ghosts perpetually arguing over clam chowder’s ideal thickness. Though ludicrous, her story was absorbed by my mesmerised ears with rapt amusement.

Our drive led us through the cobblestone alley of Acorn Street, where she whispered of a great love story rivaling that of Romeo and Juliet. Elizabeth, a beauty of the nineteenth century, she said, had spurned affluent suitors to elope with her less fortunate lover, much to the disgruntlement of her snobbish neighbors.

Later, we cruised down Newbury Street, and she regaled me with tales of secret underground tunnels connecting wealthy households to outlawed taverns during the Prohibition. She winked ‘secretly’, her laugh tinkling like silverware, and said she had once caught a man sneaking out of such a tunnel after a high-spirited revelry.

Crazy? Perhaps. Hilarious? Undeniably! But beneath these humorous narratives, I realized there lay a deep sense of pride and love for this historic city that made this woman, old and eccentric as she was, still surge with life and laughter.

As the sun dipped beneath the horizon, I realized an afternoon filled with chuckles had passed. I dropped the eccentric lady back at her residence, but not before she purred, “Same time tomorrow, Joey! There’s much more to unravel about our fair Boston.”

As absurdly humorous as my day was, a peculiar excitement stirred within me. I, the Uber driver, had glimpsed Boston through the eyes of time – a collage of raucous, ridiculous, yet riveting tales. And I realized, tomorrow promised more laughter, more tales, and another day spent chauffeuring Boston’s living relic.

Be prepared, dear reader. The Boston Backseat Diaries have just begun!


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