Bullet from Beyond the Whiskers


Smokey was not your average Ojos Azules. His striking sapphire eyes were a window to an intellect that surpassed his feline peers. Agile and affectionate, he was the darling of the neighborhood, but Smokey had a secret. He had discovered a portal, a gateway to different realities.

It was hidden in the basement of the old Victorian house where he lived with his human, a retired detective named Jack. Jack had seen his share of mysteries, but nothing like the one Smokey was about to unravel.

One day, while Jack was engrossed in his old case files, Smokey slipped into the basement. The portal shimmered in the corner, a rippling mirage that beckoned him. With a leap, he was through, his lithe body disappearing into the unknown.

Each reality was different. In one, he was a revered deity, worshipped by humans. In another, he was a feral hunter in a world devoid of human life. Each time he returned, he brought back something, a trinket or a scent, that hinted at his adventures.

Jack, once a sharp-eyed detective, was now a cynical old man, blind to the extraordinary happenings under his own roof. He dismissed the strange objects as Smokey’s usual finds from the neighborhood. But the cat’s increasingly peculiar behavior started to gnaw at his detective instincts.

One day, Smokey returned from the portal with something that made Jack’s heart skip a beat – a bullet, identical to the one that had killed his partner years ago. The case had been closed, the killer convicted, but Jack had always harbored doubts. The bullet was a chilling reminder of his betrayal by a system he had once trusted.

Driven by a renewed sense of purpose, Jack followed Smokey to the basement. He watched, dumbfounded, as Smokey disappeared into the portal. Taking a deep breath, he stepped in after him.

He found himself in a reality where he was still a detective, his partner alive. The bullet, he realized, was from this reality. The killer was still at large, and Jack was on his trail. The hypocrisy of it all hit him hard. In his world, he had accepted the easy answers, the convenient truths. But here, he was forced to confront the uncomfortable reality.

As he navigated this alternate reality, Smokey was his guide, his companion. Together, they uncovered the truth, a truth that was far more sinister than Jack had ever imagined. The killer was not a random thug, but a trusted colleague, a friend.

When they returned, Jack was a changed man. He had seen the face of betrayal, tasted the bitterness of hypocrisy. But he had also found redemption, a chance to right a wrong, even if it was in a different reality.

Smokey, the affectionate, intelligent, agile Ojos Azules, had shown him a world beyond his own, a world where justice was not just a hollow word. And for that, Jack was eternally grateful.

But the mystery was far from over. The portal was still there, a gateway to countless realities. And Smokey, with his sapphire eyes gleaming with intelligence, was ready for his next adventure.


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