Columbus day

In the small town of Harmonyville, where the sun always seemed to shine a little brighter, and the grass was always a shade greener, a tradition was about to be challenged. Every year, on the second Monday of October, the townsfolk would gather to celebrate Columbus Day with a grand parade, a feast, and a play reenacting the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the New World.

The children of Harmonyville, especially young Tommy and his friends, looked forward to this day with great anticipation. They loved the excitement, the costumes, and the stories of adventure and discovery. But this year, something was different.

A new family had moved to Harmonyville, the Running Deer family, who were proud of their Indigenous heritage. The eldest child, Little Dove, was in the same class as Tommy. She was a quiet girl with a warm smile, who often shared stories of her ancestors with her classmates.

One day, as the class was preparing for the annual Columbus Day play, Little Dove raised her hand. “Excuse me, Mrs. Applebee,” she said, her voice steady but soft. “I think we should celebrate Indigenous People’s Day instead of Columbus Day.”

The room fell silent. Mrs. Applebee, a kind-hearted woman with a love for history, asked Little Dove to explain. Little Dove spoke of her ancestors, the original inhabitants of the land, their rich culture, and the hardships they faced when Columbus arrived. She suggested that it was time to honor the Indigenous people and their contributions.

The idea sparked a lively debate among the townsfolk. Some were hesitant to change a long-standing tradition, while others were intrigued by the idea of celebrating a different perspective of history. Tommy, who had always admired Little Dove’s courage, was among the latter.

In the following weeks, Tommy and Little Dove worked together, researching, planning, and rallying support for Indigenous People’s Day. They faced resistance, of course, but they also found allies in unexpected places. The town librarian, Mr. Dewey, offered them books and resources. The local baker, Mrs. Pumpernickel, baked cookies shaped like teepees and totem poles to raise awareness. Even Mrs. Applebee, who had initially been taken aback by the proposal, was moved by their passion and dedication.

The day of the celebration arrived. The townsfolk gathered in the town square, their faces filled with curiosity and anticipation. The parade began, not with the usual float of Columbus’s ship, but with a procession of children dressed in traditional Indigenous attire, led by Little Dove.

The feast was a spread of traditional Indigenous dishes, and the play was a beautiful portrayal of Indigenous culture and history. The townsfolk watched in awe, their hearts touched by the rich tapestry of stories and traditions that had been overlooked for so long.

As the sun set, painting the sky with hues of orange and pink, the townsfolk gathered around a bonfire. Little Dove stood up and thanked everyone for embracing the change. “Today, we didn’t just celebrate Indigenous People’s Day,” she said, her voice echoing in the quiet night. “We celebrated the spirit of understanding, respect, and unity. And that, I believe, is a tradition worth keeping.”

The townsfolk erupted in applause, their faces glowing in the firelight. Tommy looked around, his heart swelling with pride and hope. He realized that traditions were not just about preserving the past, but also about embracing change and moving forward.

That night, as the stars twinkled brightly above Harmonyville, a new tradition was born. And every year, on the second Monday of October, the townsfolk would gather to celebrate Indigenous People’s Day, a celebration of history, culture, and unity. And though it was different from what they were used to, they found that it was a change they were happy to embrace.


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