Dream Whiskers and Nightmare Imps


Sammy was not your average Dragon Li. He was intelligent, playful, agile, and had a peculiar sense of humor that was often lost on his fellow dragons. He was also the only dragon who had ever expressed an interest in joining the League of Dream Protectors.

The League was an elite group of inter-dimensional beings who guarded the dreams of humans from the nefarious Nightmare Imps. The Imps were nasty little creatures who delighted in turning pleasant dreams into terrifying nightmares. Sammy, with his quick wit and agile mind, thought he would be a perfect fit for the League.

The day of his initiation, Sammy stood before the Grand Dream Weaver, a being so ancient and wise that his true form was incomprehensible to mortal eyes. The Weaver looked Sammy up and down, his non-existent eyebrows raising in surprise.

“A Dragon Li?” he said, his voice echoing through the dream realm. “We’ve never had one of you before.”

“I’m full of surprises,” Sammy replied, puffing out his chest.

The Weaver chuckled, a sound like the rustling of old parchment. “Very well, Sammy. Your trial begins now.”

Suddenly, Sammy was plunged into a dream. He found himself in a vast desert, the sun beating down on his scales. In the distance, he could see a small figure struggling against a sandstorm.

Without a second thought, Sammy took off, his wings beating against the hot air. As he got closer, he could see the figure was a human, a young girl. She was being pursued by a horde of Nightmare Imps, their wicked grins gleaming in the sunlight.

Sammy swooped down, his claws extended. The Imps scattered, squealing in fear. Sammy landed next to the girl, his wings shielding her from the sandstorm.

“Are you okay?” he asked, his voice gentle.

The girl nodded, her eyes wide with awe. “You’re a dragon,” she said.

Sammy grinned. “And you’re a human. We’re both full of surprises.”

With the girl safe, Sammy turned his attention to the Imps. They had regrouped and were now charging towards him, their tiny claws bared.

Sammy took a deep breath and let out a burst of flame. The Imps shrieked and ran in all directions, their tails on fire. Sammy couldn’t help but laugh as they tripped over each other in their haste to escape.

With the Imps defeated, Sammy turned back to the girl. “Your dream is safe now,” he said. “You can go back to dreaming about… whatever it is humans dream about.”

The girl smiled. “Thank you, Sammy.”

Back in the dream realm, the Grand Dream Weaver was watching Sammy’s trial with interest. He had to admit, the Dragon Li had done well. He had protected the dream and defeated the Imps with ease.

But what impressed the Weaver the most was Sammy’s humor. Even in the face of danger, he had kept his spirits high and even managed to make the girl laugh. That was a rare quality, one that the Weaver knew would be invaluable in their fight against the Nightmare Imps.

“Welcome to the League of Dream Protectors, Sammy,” the Weaver said, his voice filled with warmth. “We’re glad to have you.”

Sammy beamed, his scales glowing with pride. He was a Dream Protector now, a guardian of dreams. And he couldn’t wait to see what dreams he would protect next.


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