Orbs of Remembrance: Willow’s Cosmic Duty


Willow, the Somali, was not your average cat. She was intelligent, playful, agile, and had a job. A job that was as peculiar as her breed. She was the guardian of the chamber where the universe’s memories resided.

Now, you might be thinking, “A cat? Guarding the universe’s memories? That’s absurd!” But let me tell you, it’s no more absurd than the fact that the universe has a memory in the first place. And if you’re going to entrust such a task to someone, why not a Somali? They’re known for their intelligence and agility, after all.

The chamber was located in a nondescript corner of the universe, tucked away behind a nebula that looked suspiciously like a ball of yarn. Inside, the memories of the universe were stored in tiny, glowing orbs that floated around in a seemingly random pattern. But Willow knew better. Each orb had its place, its path, its purpose.

One day, an orb went missing. Willow noticed it immediately. She was good at her job, after all. She searched the chamber, her green eyes scanning the swirling mass of memories, but the missing orb was nowhere to be found.

“Well, this is a fine mess,” Willow muttered to herself. She wasn’t just a guardian, she was also a detective. And this was a mystery that needed solving.

She began her investigation by interviewing the other orbs. “Did you see anything unusual?” she asked one orb that held the memory of the first supernova.

The orb pulsed with light, a sign that it was thinking. “I did see a strange shadow pass by,” it finally said. “But I thought it was just a comet.”

“A shadow, huh?” Willow mused. “Interesting.”

She continued her questioning, but none of the other orbs had seen anything. It was as if the missing memory had just vanished.

“Or maybe it was stolen,” Willow thought. She had heard stories of memory thieves, beings who stole memories to sell on the black market. But she had never encountered one before.

She decided to set a trap. She chose an orb that held a particularly juicy memory – the creation of the first galaxy – and waited.

Sure enough, the shadow returned. It was a nebulous figure, barely visible against the backdrop of the universe. It reached out a shadowy hand towards the orb, but Willow was ready. She pounced, her claws extended, and the figure let out a surprised yelp.

“Gotcha!” Willow said, her tail flicking in satisfaction. The figure tried to escape, but Willow was too quick. She cornered it against a wall of the chamber, her green eyes glowing with determination.

“Who are you?” she demanded. “And why are you stealing the universe’s memories?”

The figure hesitated, then slowly took shape. It was a human, a species Willow had only seen in the memories.

“I… I just wanted to remember,” the human said, its voice filled with sorrow. “I wanted to remember what it was like before… before everything went wrong.”

Willow felt a pang of sympathy. She knew what it was like to lose memories. But she also knew her duty.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “But these memories are not yours to take.”

And with that, she escorted the human out of the chamber, her tail held high. The mystery was solved, the memory was safe, and Willow was once again the guardian of the universe’s memories.

And if you think that’s absurd, well, you clearly haven’t met Willow.


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