The Curious Case of the Vanishing Vodka


Colonel Mustard rubbed his temples as he stared at the exotic array of vodka bottles adorning the long mahogany bar. His mind was spinning, and not just from the spirits. The Russian Roulette Distillery was a place of both his rollicking adventures and now, his worst nightmares.

Today, under the grand chandeliers of the tasting room, the stakes were higher than ever. A vodka-tasting competition had turned deadly, putting Colonel Mustard in a predicament he’d never before encountered in his wildest Clue games.

As the Colonel himself, a vodka aficionado, stoically sipped the last shot of the round when the first taster keeled over. Panic ensued. The room was cleared, most participants too shocked to consider the prospect of a second round, let alone a poisoner on the loose. That left three — Colonel himself, Miss Scarlett, his fiery red-headed cousin, and Professor Plum, a distant relative and chemistry master from Oxford.

With no one else brave enough to stick around, Colonel Mustard, Miss Scarlett, and Professor Plum were now partaking in a deadly guessing game — trying to figure out who’d spiked the vodka.

Colonel trusted his cousin, for the most part, but he knew very little about this professor. He also knew that it wasn’t beyond Scarlett to keep strange company. The clues were as clear as the spirit they had imbibed. The so-called “perfect vodka” with a faint citrus aroma, the tiny granules in one contestant’s glass, the unusual flush on another’s face. Now all they had to do was connect the dots.

“Professor Plum,” Colonel began, squinting through his monocle. “Mind explaining whether these granules could’ve caused our mysterious death?”

Professor Plum, who’d been deep in thought, flashed a smirk. “Chemistry is a dynamic tool, Colonel. Granules in a drink could indicate a harmless sugar…or a deadly poison.”

The insinuation hung in the air, turning the room stifling. Colonel eyed both his relatives carefully. He needed to tread lightly here, for he knew that the real killer could be right in front of him.

“That’s not an answer, Professor,” Miss Scarlett piped in, her eyes narrowing as she took a step towards the man.

“Indeed,” mumbled the Colonel, “we are not interested in a lesson in chemistry, but the answer to a murder mystery.”

The atmosphere grew denser as the trio stared at one another, the silence broken only by the ticking clock and their hurried breaths. The vodka, which was once a symbol of joy and laughter, was now a murderous potion, and the distillery a hunting ground for a lethal clue hunt.

“We cannot trust anyone, not even each other,” whispered Miss Scarlett, an anxious tremor in her usually confident voice. The Colonel nodded gravely, realizing they were playing with fire. In their world, this wasn’t just a game; someone had managed to turn it into a dangerous reality.

For the Colonel, the job at hand was more than just finding the poisoner. It was about navigating through unexpected twists and turns, confronting exaggerated characters, and surviving outlandish plots, just like those he grew up on.

With Miss Scarlett and Professor Plum beside him, Colonel Mustard braced himself for the tumultuous adventure that lay ahead. Together they ventured deeper into the distillery, ready to expose the murderer and test their wits against the mysterious killer’s deadly game.

The Russian Roulette Distillery might be the most thrilling canvas for the Colonel’s most thrilling mystery yet. Would he unravel the threads of the plot and expose the killer, or would he be outwitted, lost amid the deceptive tranquility of the distillery? Only time would tell.

Leaning on the mahogany bar, under the gleam of the chandelier, he looked at the bottles and murmured, “The game is on.”


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