Through the Looking Glass: Astrid’s Journey of Reflection


Astrid had always been fascinated by the night sky. She would spend hours gazing up at the stars, dreaming of distant galaxies and the mysteries they held. But one fateful night, as she peered through her old telescope, she discovered something extraordinary.

It was a small, silver telescope that had been tucked away in the attic for years. Astrid had stumbled upon it while searching for her old comic books. Curiosity got the better of her, and she decided to take it outside to see if it still worked.

As she adjusted the lens and looked through, she expected to see the familiar constellations and twinkling stars. But instead, she found herself staring into a different world altogether. It was as if the telescope had transported her to an alternate reality.

In this new world, everything was slightly different. Astrid’s parents had never divorced, and she had a younger sister named Lily. Her best friend, Max, was a talented artist instead of a soccer player. Even her own personality seemed to have changed.

Night after night, Astrid would gaze through the telescope, getting lost in the lives of her alternate selves. Each glimpse into a different reality showed her the choices she had made differently. Some were better, some were worse, but all were fascinating.

But as Astrid became more attached to one specific alternate reality, she couldn’t help but wonder if she could make that her actual life. She yearned for the closeness of her family, the bond with her sister, and the artistic talent she possessed in that world.

Determined to find a way, Astrid embarked on a quest to make her desired reality a reality. She sought out wise old wizards and consulted ancient books of magic. But no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t find a way to change her own world.

Frustrated and on the verge of giving up, Astrid stumbled upon an old saying: “Every choice has its own magic.” It was a simple phrase, but it sparked a glimmer of hope within her.

Realizing that she couldn’t change the past, Astrid decided to focus on the present. She began to appreciate the choices she had made and the life she had created. She embraced her family, her friends, and her own unique talents.

As Astrid let go of her obsession with the alternate reality, she discovered the true magic of her own world. She found joy in her family’s laughter, inspiration in her friend’s artwork, and a sense of purpose in her own passions.

And though she still occasionally peered through the telescope, she no longer yearned for a different life. Instead, she used it as a reminder of the infinite possibilities that lay within every choice she made.

Astrid’s starlit dreams had taught her that change was not always necessary to find happiness. Sometimes, all it took was a shift in perspective and a belief in the magic of the present.


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