Tuna Truce and Toilet Turf: A Feline Fracas


Minnie, the Devon Rex, was a cat of many talents. She could play fetch, open doors, and even use the toilet. Yes, you heard it right, the toilet. She was the feline equivalent of Einstein, if Einstein had been a small, curly-haired cat with an insatiable appetite for tuna.

One day, while Minnie was busy solving a Rubik’s cube, her owner, Mrs. Potts, came home with a surprise. A cat carrier. Now, Minnie was no fool. She knew that cat carriers meant one of two things: a trip to the vet or a new addition to the family. Given that she had just had her annual check-up, she was betting on the latter.

Out of the carrier emerged a cat that looked exactly like Minnie. Same curly hair, same green eyes, same smug expression. It was like looking into a mirror. A mirror that had just eaten a can of tuna and was now licking its lips.

“Meet Max,” Mrs. Potts said, beaming. “He’s your twin brother!”

Minnie was not amused. She had been the queen of the household for years, and she wasn’t about to share her throne with some imposter. But Mrs. Potts seemed oblivious to Minnie’s distress. She was too busy cooing over Max and his “adorable little curls.”

Over the next few days, Minnie watched as Max made himself at home. He slept in her favorite spot on the couch, ate from her food bowl, and worst of all, used her toilet. The audacity!

Minnie decided it was time to take action. She couldn’t let this newcomer ruin her perfect life. So, she did what any intelligent, affectionate Devon Rex would do. She plotted.

Her first plan was to frame Max for a crime he didn’t commit. She knocked over a vase and left a trail of broken pieces leading to Max’s bed. But Mrs. Potts just laughed and said, “Oh, Max, you’re just as clumsy as your sister!”

Plan B was to scare Max away. Minnie spent hours practicing her most terrifying hiss in front of the mirror. But when she finally unleashed it on Max, he just yawned and went back to sleep.

Desperate, Minnie turned to Plan C: sabotage. She waited until Max was using the toilet, then flushed it. Max yowled and leaped out of the bowl, soaking wet. But instead of scolding him, Mrs. Potts just wrapped him in a towel and cooed, “Poor baby, did the mean toilet scare you?”

Minnie was at her wit’s end. Nothing was working. Max was still here, still using her toilet, still sleeping in her spot. She was beginning to think she might have to accept this change.

But then, one day, something miraculous happened. Max solved the Rubik’s cube. Minnie watched in disbelief as he pawed at the cube, turning it this way and that until all the colors matched. Mrs. Potts was ecstatic. “Oh, Max, you’re just as smart as your sister!”

And suddenly, Minnie realized something. Max wasn’t trying to replace her. He was just trying to fit in. He was her twin, after all. Maybe, just maybe, they could learn to get along.

So, Minnie did something she never thought she’d do. She shared her tuna with Max. And as they ate together, she felt a strange sense of contentment. Maybe having a twin wasn’t so bad after all.

But she still wasn’t going to share her toilet. Some traditions are sacred.


What happens next?

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