Vacation Woofs


Doggy Tales turned her typewriter towards a new adventure. In her trusty armchair, adorned with worn spots from countless listening dogs, she started to introduce Ranger. A more energetic and mischievous cocker spaniel one would be hard-pressed to find. As tales always go in Doggyville, adventures were as sure to follow Ranger as his tail would when he spotted a juicy bone.

This time, the story began with Ranger gazing out from his porch and curiously cocking his head at the sight of his owners, The Browns, packing an inordinate amount of luggage into their small sedan. Combining the flurry of suitcases with the presence of his leash, Ranger realised this would be no ordinary weekend.

As Doggy Tales typed, Ranger’s comical enthusiasm leapt from the pages. Ranger’s inner monologue continually announced, “I am the goodest boy. I know I am. This is definitely going to be an adventure!” Ranger’s comical internal monologue, a staple of Doggy Tales’s writing, felt real to the reader, as if they had snuck inside a dog’s head and heard the echoes of his thoughts.

Off they started on a journey so full of sniffs and snuffles that any other dog would have been green with envy. Ranger’s face was continually stuck out of the window, his tongue lolling in the breeze, capturing every exciting scent. The journey was dotted with mishaps as Ranger interpreted his own version of pit stops. He confused a fruit stand for a buffet and proudly dragged in a huge tree branch into the car, desperate to bring home a souvenir.

After a tiresome drive filled with detours forced by Ranger’s unyielding energy, The Browns and their lively Furricane reached their destination – the zany “Dog-gone Paw-some Paradise Resort”. This was a place that considered dogs not just as residents but as royal guests.

Upon spotting the sign, Ranger raced towards the resort, dragging poor Mr. Brown behind, who haplessly stumbled on, caught in the happy whirlwind of his dog. Arriving at the colossal bone-shaped pool, Ranger dove in, creating a spectacle of flying water-drops that had the children present doubling over in laughter.

Doggy Tales continued to type, creating a vibrant journey within her readers’ minds. From canine-friendly meals (which Ranger gobbled down with delight), to a magical night under the stars on a luxurious pooch-friendly lounger, Ranger’s adventures made every reader smile, young and old alike.

As the day progressed into evening, Ranger had become the ultimate tour-dog of the resort, guiding other pooches, taking veiled digs at the resort’s own tour guide, a snobby poodle, and doing backflips off of diving boards. Throughout the day, Ranger had valliantly knocked over drinks, chased a staggering amount of frisbees, and slobbered his greetings on everyone he met. But as the night wore on, even the spirited Ranger started to slow down.

Doggy Tales crafted this new tale with a dash of suspense, ending the day with Ranger spotting a new potential escapade – a tall ship on the horizon audaciously inviting all adventure enthusiasts. His tail began wagging as he planned his next wacky adventure! He already envisioned ropes, sails, and a stick that he could mistake for a legendary pirate sword. Ah, the tales he’d have for his doggy friends back home!

As Doggy Tales finished her story and leaned back in her armchair, a smile crossed her face. Adventure and a dose of humor were always the best combination, especially when dogs were involved. Now, Ranger waits for a brand-new day, his upcoming maritime adventures singing promises in his dreams. But those are more tales for Doggy Tales to recount on another day.


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