Whiskers, Whirlwinds and Whisked Cream


Abby was not your average Bengal. She was outgoing, social, and intelligent. She was also, quite unexpectedly, the guardian of a hidden realm.

Now, you might be wondering how a cat, even one as exceptional as Abby, could be entrusted with such a responsibility. Well, the answer is quite simple: it was a Tuesday. And as everyone knows, strange things always happen on Tuesdays.

Abby had been lounging in her favorite sunbeam when she noticed a peculiar shimmer in the air. Being a cat of considerable curiosity, she sauntered over to investigate. The shimmer turned out to be a portal to another realm, hidden from human eyes.

The realm was a place of magic and mystery, filled with creatures that would make even the most hardened fantasy enthusiast squeal with delight. There were unicorns with rainbow manes, dragons that breathed bubbles, and trees that whispered secrets in the wind.

Abby was immediately appointed as the guardian of this realm, because, as the creatures explained, “You’re a cat. You’re obviously superior.” Abby didn’t argue with this logic.

Now, being a guardian was not an easy task. It involved a lot of patrolling, a lot of sniffing, and a lot of napping. But Abby took her duties seriously. She was a Bengal, after all.

One day, a terrible fear swept through the realm. A creature of darkness had been spotted, a creature so terrifying that even the dragons were afraid. It was a vacuum cleaner.

Now, Abby was a brave cat, but even she felt a shiver of fear at the mention of the dreaded vacuum. But she was the guardian. It was her duty to protect the realm. So, she steeled herself, fluffed up her fur, and set off to face the monster.

The vacuum cleaner was even more terrifying up close. It was large, it was loud, and it had a terrible habit of sucking up everything in its path. But Abby was not deterred. She was a Bengal, and Bengals are not easily scared.

With a mighty leap, Abby pounced on the vacuum cleaner. There was a moment of intense struggle, a flurry of fur and dust, and then… silence. The vacuum cleaner was defeated. Abby stood victorious, her fur slightly ruffled but her spirit unbroken.

The creatures of the realm cheered. Abby was hailed as a hero, the brave Bengal who had faced her fears and saved them all. She was given a crown of flowers and a place of honor at the head of the feast table.

But Abby was not interested in fame or glory. She was a cat, after all. She simply wanted a good nap and a bowl of cream. So, she returned to her sunbeam, content in the knowledge that she had done her duty.

And so, Abby the Bengal continued her life as the guardian of the hidden realm. She faced many more challenges, many more fears, but she always emerged victorious. Because she was Abby, the outgoing, social, intelligent Bengal. And she was not afraid of anything.

Well, except maybe the vacuum cleaner. But that’s a story for another day.


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