Winter Diamonds


Once upon a winter’s eve, in a little town that lay softly under a quilt of snow, lived a remarkable lady, Ruby McKenna. Everybody affectionately called her ‘Denim & Diamonds’. Ruby didn’t have a fondness for ordinary things. From her denim-clad, hearty demeanour to her twinkling diamond-like laugh, she was a mixture of robust charm and glittery exoticness. When it came to celebrating, she was as extravagant as could be, especially during the holiday season.

The townsfolk always eagerly anticipated Ruby’s holiday decorations. She jollily declared, “This year will be the grandest yet. We’ll turn our dainty town into a winter wonderland! With diamonds, of course!”

One frosty morning, Ruby dressed in her warmest denim jacket and, with a wheelbarrow filled with glistening objects, headed off with a twinkle in her eye and a mission in her heart.

She trod lightly on the snowy streets, her path illuminated by lamplight, and left a trail of gleaming ice sculptures. These weren’t your everyday frosty the snowmen or iced reindeer. No, they were grand diamond-shaped ornaments, sparkling with an icy glare.

She started her day at Main Street, where she transformed the tall, stoic lampposts into glimmering sentinels, strung with garlands of frosted icicles, winking like diamonds in the sun.

The town café got an ice castle that glinted in daylight, with icicles cascading from its towers and intricate frost patterns that sparkled like precious diamonds.

Effects of Ruby’s magic touch reached the schoolyard too. Snowy diamond-shaped snowflakes, larger than any you’ve ever seen, danced in the winter breeze, evoking gasps of wonder from wide-eyed children and adults alike.

In the town square rose the grandest installation of all. An enormous Christmas tree, every bough laden with countless diamond icicles echoing the shimmering landscape around it. People would gaze, transfixed at the breathtaking vision and listen to the resonant chime as the wind blew through the icy diamond leaves.

The park, once bare and bleak, was now adorned with icy sculptures that glittered and shone, casting prismatic hues in the midday sun. Each snowy diamond rendered the park a glowing wonderland, making every path a voyage into an enchanted world of light and sparkle.

Ruby, covered with a layer of snowflakes, turned the final diamond sculpture onto its place by the riverside, just in time as the full moon rose, painting the snow-covered town in an ethereal glow.

As the stars winked awake, one by one, the entire town sparkled under the moonlight, mirroring the night sky, and painting a beautiful spectacle that would have made even the angels gasp. Everywhere you’d look, you’d find twinkling diamonds winking back at you, their glow reflected on the snow and mirrored in the faces of the townsfolk.

The joy and wonder in the hearts of everyone were palpable that night as they walked through the transformed town, their cheeks rosy and their eyes reflecting all the sparkle of their dazzling surroundings. The kids would giggle and whoop with delight, while adults had an aura of childlike amazement, for they knew the diamond wonderland would only last until the first thaws of spring.

As the grown-ups tucked their children into bed, their little faces glowing with joy, Ruby retired to her home contentedly, looking at her creation one last time, before closing her front door.

That night the splendid ice diamonds sparkled and shone, lighting up the small town with their glittery glow. And in her heart, Ruby knew, she’d managed to embody the spirit of Denim & Diamonds – robust yet delicate, charming yet enchanting; just like her.

If this story leads you to believe that Ruby’s work was complete with this spectacle, then you’d be mistaken. This was just the preamble. For the real magic of Diamonds & Denim, dear reader, was about to unfold as the town awoke to what the winter sun’s rays would do to their icy diamond wonderland the next day.


What happens next?

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