The Candlestick Caper: A Dance of Deceit


Colonel Mustard had always been fascinated with crime and mystery. Hence, it was no surprise that he married that deep-passioned intrigue with his buoyant social demeanor, staging ostentatious murder mystery parties at his monumental estate on the east coast. With each night earmarked by peculiar plots, animated characters, and unpredictable plot shifts, it was the real-life edition of his beloved childhood board game, Clue.

On the night of his annual masquerade ball, an atmosphere of suspense already hung heavy in the air. The guests stood around, whispering, waiting for the night’s mystery to unfold. They were the characters brought to life- Mrs. Peacock, regal in her royal blue attire; Professor Plum, resolutely seen in shades of purple; and Miss Scarlett, who, true to her namesake, was a fiery streak of red.

The ballroom was a spectacular sight. Dazzling chandeliers hung dramatically and vintage portraits lined the walls. Yet, the centerpiece was a towering, magnificently ornate candlestick—a family heirloom—cherished and revered by Colonel Mustard. Both an artwork and a light source, the candlestick stood as a testament to old world craftsmanship, nursing countless secrets upon its numerous layers of wax.

And then, a piercing scream tore through the grandeur. The body of a now unidentified gentleman, unmasked on the floor with the infamous candlestick looming ominously over him, lay sprawled out for all to see.

“It looks like it’s murder!” cried Colonel Mustard, his tone paradoxically shrouded in both horror and delight. Panic gripped the guests, yet amongst that chaos, three minds were already racing, ready to solve this newest mockery of mystery. Miss Scarlett, Professor Plum, and Mrs. Peacock formed an unlikely trio of dynamic detectives, determined to uncover who amongst them was the masquerade killer.

Despite the growing agitation, the party pressed on—a waltz of suspicion and speculation—turning the masquerade ball into an intricate dance of deceit. Bound by the code of their eccentric host, the guest-mystery solvers could only communicate through coded messages left in the waltz’s frequent exchanges.

Miss Scarlett, tantalizingly astute, had noted a peculiar smell around the deceased: a hint of lavender, a favorite aroma often worn by Mrs. White, Colonel Mustard’s trustworthy housekeeper. Professor Plum, the analytical one, concluded the blow had to come from a right-handed assailant, judging from the angle of impact. Mrs. Peacock, the silent observer, had noticed footprints on the waxed floor leading away from the crime scene, a deep indent that could belong to Mr. Green’s sturdy boots.

As the night danced endlessly on, so did the unanswered questions. Was Colonel Mustard playing them all, or has the pretend-murder game taken a real sinister turn? Could Mrs. White have replaced her loyalty with violence—or was Mr. Green’s quiet demeanor just a mask to hide behind? The answers were as elusive as the identities hidden behind the masks.

Each flicker of candlelight, each note of the dance, carried an undercurrent of deceit and danger as the party-goers twirled through this exceptional night of slow terror. And somewhere, amidst the sequins and satin, the truth lay obscured, waiting to be exposed in a dramatic éclat in the hallmark style of a classic Clue evening.

As the clock struck midnight; the dance—the investigation; the mystery and the impostors, all waited for one shared fate – unmasking.


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